Sales outreach

Sales outreach

Take control of messaging and costs with your in-house targeted outreach system to get new contacts, discover new prospects and generate a steady flow of leads.

easy. affordable. smart.

Choose one, two or all three packages based on your needs


$ 3,995

per system

A world-class outreach system: In-house

Our team establishes all necessary accounts on your behalf and handles technical configuration. We then show you how to build targeted outreach programs following respectful best practices.

Email infrastructure for up to 5 domains and 5 mailboxes with SPF, DKIM & DMARC, Initiated Domain Warm-up, Initial List Building with Sequence setup, Initial Outreach Strategy with A/B Testing.

SYSTEM STACK: 10,000 monthly records using the B2B database of 275M contacts w 65+ filters & attributes (comparable to ZoomInfo, Clearbit, Lusha, Cogism, Seamless), unlimited outbound sending via SendGrid in conjunction with Google Workspace mail accounts, Phone Dialer, CRM Export (to Salesforce, HubSpot, ATS), and much more…

You can run this system yourself with ongoing billing via 3rd-parties costing a flat $165 per month


$ 4,995


Statistics-Driven Outreach That WORKS

Our team works with you to run a month of A/B testing that either confirms your assumptions or identifies your most effective outreach and/or advertising messaging.

ATTENTION: 5-7 Words A/B Optimized to Effectively Evoke Curiosity:
Vehicle= Top Tagline; KPI= OPEN RATE

ENGAGEMENT: 100 Words A/B Optimized to Effectively Trigger Interest:
Vehicle= Optimal Ad Copy; KPI= CLICK-THROUGH RATE

ACTION: Message & Imagery A/B Optimized to Effectively Cause Action:
Vehicle= Targeted Landing Page(s); KPI= ACQUISITION COST

LANDING PAGE(s) CREATION/ MANAGEMENT/ HOSTING. Ultrafast/ Light-Weight load, A/B Variable Messaging sets, A/B Variable Imagery sets, Google Analytics implementation and data collection.


$ 3,695


Low Touch but In-House

Our team maintains and continues to build, optimize and improve your outreach programs including daily actions.